Sage Port #2

  Architectural Control Committee

    Larkspur, Colorado                  Sunday, September 17, 2017




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Property Owner Rights have been Secured until 2026!

On Aug. 14th: Sage Port #2 Homeowner Property Rights were protected and have been Secured until 2026!

The attempts by the "SPHOA" to change our Covenants were overwhelmingly rejected!

On Aug. 14th the window for making legal changes to our original 1971 Covenants closed.  

They are now sealed and extended, unmodified, till Aug. 2026. This was accomplished with the overwhelming support of nearly 90% of our owners who rejected replacing them with the so called 2001 version or even recognizing it as valid in any way.

Rebuffing the deceptive efforts by the so called “SPHOA” to vote in changes that would have effectively established their group as a full regulatory and enforcement organization over Sage Port #2, which they fully expected they could get approved under the ruse of “only some minor changes” hiding their real proposals behind such issues as a low cost trash service or just a simple change in the duration clause. 


In the end Sage Port #2 owners:

  • Rejected accepting any and all aspects of the so call 2001 Covenants (which were never valid)

  • Rejected recognizing this so called "Sage Port HOA" group as an formal regulatory organization under the  Covenants, or even calling for the formation of an HOA which does not currently exist.

  • Rejected making any changes from the original 1971 document.

Unfortunately the "SPHOA" has demonstrated by their current actions that they have no plans to honor the wishes of our owners by actively refusing to accept our governing Covenants !