This is a text copy of the letter sent from the newly  appointed Covenants ACC members, Lisa Burt and myself to members of the ACC Committee of the SP"HOA" as well as members of the new Sage Port ACC Corp. informing them that we will be taking over all Covenant ACC activities and duties and will no longer be needing  their services.


October 18, 2007

Glen Erickson


Sage Port Architectural Control Committee, Inc.

ACC Committee of the Sage Port Homeowners Association

P.O. Box 342

Larkspur, CO 80118

Dear Mr. Erickson and Committee

This letter is a formal notification that on Oct. 13, 2007 Sandy Sanders and Cliff Wallace, appointed as the members of Sage Port, Filing #2 Covenants Architectural Control Committee Sept. 9, 1986, Reception #8618377, Book 0664, Page 0151, Douglas Co. Colorado, have resigned their positions having selected their replacements; Wilfred Magnan and Lisa Burt. This selection was made and notarized Oct.15, 2007 and filed with the Douglas Co Clerk on Oct.16, 2007, Reception #2007081079, copy attached.

With the forming of the Sage Port Homeowners Association (SPHOA) in 1986 the Sage Port, Filing #2 Covenants Architectural Control Committee (SPACC) had designated the SPHOA to perform all necessary SPACC day to day functions in their name. This designation is allowed by the Covenants “A majority of the Committee may designate a representative to act for it.”

With our selection as the current SPACC members we are hereby revoking all designations of authority for any group to represent the SPACC in any way. You are hereby to cease representing your group as the Sage Port ACC as designated in the original 1971 Filings, Book 220, Page 763 or in acting on their behalf.  All materials, documents, notes, seals, P.O. Box and funds currently in your organization’s possession related to the work you have been doing on behalf of the SPACC needs to be transferred to us immediately.  Please contact me as soon as possible at the address below to arrange the transfer of the above listed materials and any ongoing architectural plans being evaluated for approval.


Wilfred Magnan


Sage Port Filing #2, Architectural Control Committee




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